Trans-Ontario Express

Industry: Logistics and Warehousing

Challenge needed to exist and start ranking on keywords regarding logistics and warehousing within North America, more specifically eastern coast provinces and states.


The site was made fairly quickly with a clear vision – use as many destination names, trucking lanes and supportive visuals on the website to boost seo. The first objective was to first start with their most popular trucking lanes and monitor their progress on google search. Gains were quite rapid as SEO combinations such as “Miami to Toronto LTL FTL” and many other permutations we’re constantly used in pages, images and posts within and outside the site.


Much of the investment in keyword research and site layout paid dividends in terms of google ranking and increased phone traffic regarding customer service, dispatch and job applicants. Pages normally found on page seven or higher were being placed on the first page rankings with some being the first among the non sponsored results.